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Selling Albums!


Please please! I’m trying to raise money to buy K-Pop merch from the two concerts I’m going to. I’m going to BAP in Chicago and Block B in Miami. 

I’m selling these albums:

BEAST - Mastermind ($10)
U-Kiss - Doradora ($13)
Super Junior M - First Album Me ($13)
Block B - Welcome to the Block Limited Edition Ver. ($13)
SHINee - Romeo Minho Ver. ($12)
4Minute - 4 Minutes Left ($14)
BEAST - BEAST is the B2st ($13)
BEAST - Midnight Sun ($13)
SHINee - 2009, Year of Us ($12) 
SHINee - The First (Japanese Album) ($40)

*These do not include shipping, It won’t be much, I just want to price shipping off of where its going. If you’re interested please let me know! All albums are in fantastic condition but if you don’t believe me I can post/send you pictures.

I am also selling posters for $5 and that includes shipping. They were hung on my wall in my old room and so they have holes in them. The ones I have are:

Miss A - Touch 
Super Junior M - First Album M
Super Junior - Superman
Infinite - Infintize
Sunggyu - First Mini Album
Teen Top - It’s 
Infinite - Paradise
GD&TOP  Poster

I have more but I can’t think what they are as of right now. But when I take them all out I will let you know!

If you’re interested email me at:
And just put in the subject which album you want to buy. 


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trh1 asked: you're going to both B.A.P. in Chicago, and Block B in Miami!? maybe we will run into one another at at least one of them!

Maybe we will!

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C.A.P - Teen Top High Kick in San Jose [140328]
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C.A.P - Teen Top
High Kick in San Jose

Please do not edit/remove watermark/re-upload.
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